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Order process
Visit our on-line products catalog or Download the catalog, for reqeust to our Sales Department get the price list and samples, So that you can order after confirm samples;
If you are Obibi's dealers, You can use your ID and password download the latest dealers catalog or go to Dealers Order System make order; And email your order copy or order number to us after done.

The Samples
You can request samples before order, The samples are charge;

The Sample lead time:

baby clothes about 1 to 3 days after payment,
baby accessories about 2 to 3 days after payment,
Crochet baby clothing and crocheted baby accessories about 4 to 8 days after payment.

The payment
Our Sale Department will send a pro invoice with the lead time and other details to you after receipt your order request;
You can arrange the payment after receipt our pro invoice, Please email the transfer copy or fax the copy to us for confirm when done transfer;

Delivery Time
We will arrange the good send to you base on the confirmation lead time, If the delivery time have any change, We will let you know advance.

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ShanTou, Guangdong,
China 515800
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WeChat: Obibicom
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Website: http://b.obibi.com

To place an order or to ask a question, please By E-mail
NOTICE: Any business Email We are reply in 12 hours.

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